Interview: Dani Diamond (Photographer)

Mirrors, Pits and Models

It appears as if some people, when location hunting, don’t share the same sort of limitations that most of us do. When you see a chalk pit, they see an open top studio waiting to be built.

Stefan Schlumpf in this video for Phase One hoists huge mirrors, studio lighting and a small army of stylists, MUAs, hairdressers and assistants in to a pit one hundred feet deep if not more. Well, they do say you need to stand out in this industry…

A Late Letter of Light Lamentation

Top 20 Acufocal Portraits of the Day from August 2015

BTS American Made & a DIY ‘Smoke Machine’

It has been a while since I have seen an interesting BTS video of a photoshoot, but here’s a quick one.

American based photographer Caleb Kuhl recently orchestrated a very ‘American’ themed shoot out in the dusty plains near Los Angeles. The shoot has a great feel to it; bright and low natural light with golden tones throughout. It has a bit of a Levi Jeans campaign vibe to it, but what makes it really stand out is the way in which Caleb generates some atmospheric smoke and haze to his images.

While Caleb and models pose and shoot, a friend of his drifts a pickup truck around, kicking up a large sandstorm. It’s surprisingly effective given the volume of the plumes of dust and next to know financial burden to achieve it and it’s certainly an idea I’d be keen to try.

One word of warning, however, is much like the ‘Colour Run’ and similar festivals in which people throw coloured dust and paint mix at each other, dust can find its way in to your camera and wreak havoc.

Portraits of the Himba Tribe by Jimmy Nelson

Portraiture of tribes has started to get bad press of late and it irritates me. I often see people referring to it as ‘middle class white person photography’ or words to that effect. Although I understand the motivation behind that comment, it’s unfairly derogatory.

In general, people are interested in disparate cultures far removed from their own. This interest is increased tenfold when that person is a photographer. We live to capture beauty and interesting subjects and particularly when the beauty or interest is rarely seen in the way you’re capturing it.

I first come across the Himba Tribe in a completely different discipline to photography and I have written a paper about them. However, seeing them in the way that Jimmy Nelson has captured them is fascinating but most importantly to me, it’s honest.

I am a real admirer of Jimmy Nelson’s work and to see an article I wrote on him in 2013, click here.

Jeffery Salter on Illuminating Portraiture

Jeffery Salter’s photography has always struck me as ‘high end’. It has a crisp, bright and polished feel to it and I think this is down to three primary reasons; firstly he has mastered a lighting style which separates his subject from the background which is complemented by number two: he uses a medium format camera which offers a different feel to the depth of the image. Finally, his images have strong and simple composition. These three elements combine to fantastic effect.

Old Photograph Restoration