A Comprehensive Guide to Fixing Common Hair and Skin Issues in Photoshop

I’ve featured Michael Woloszynowicz twice before this; his Youtube channel is filled with excellent and informative video tutorials. This particular guide is one of his most comprehensive, however.

Michael goes through frequency separations for addressing stray hairs. skin folds and numerous other skin imperfections. Frequency separation in conjunction with dodging and burning is my method of choice for editing portraits and if you’re unsure about either of the techniques it might be worth watching some of Michael’s earlier videos which can be seen here

Michael’s website Vibrant Shot can be seen here.

Gregory Heisler on Photography as a Career

I feature Gregory Heisler regularly. This isn’t because I’m obsessed with his photography per sé, but rather that the man is the fount of knowledge when it comes to photography. His wisdom usually comes in the form of an anecdote or parable like a prophet of photography and there’s invariably important information to be extracted.

I needn’t add more description of this video; simply watch and absorb.

The Quality of Natural Light

I recently featured how useful reflectors can be and how you can even complete a high level shoot using nothing but reflectors. Well, I’m going to go one step further in my accidental war on expensive lighting equipment with this video.

Damien Lovegrove – who I have featured before – offers a behind-the-scenes look of a photoshoot in a dimly lit cellar, using the light from windows as the only source of light; not even reflectors. Ok, it does take reasonably fast glass to be effective but everyone ought to have a 50mm f/1.8 in their arsenal at the least.

The results show just how impressive such a simple set up can be.

Collapsible Reflectors for an On Location Fashion Shoot

I maintain that reflectors are the most underrated pieces of lighting equipment. They can give you huge amounts of evenly distributed light that would cost a fortune to achieve with artificial lighting.

In fact, so powerful and diverse are their applications that I featured a photo shoot for a magazine front cover in which reflectors (the same Profoto reflectors as in this video I believe) were the only lighting equipment present.

This particular video focuses on the diversity of the effects that can be achieved with reflectors and fashion photographer Andrea Belluso shows how silver, white and gold can be used to manipulate the image’s look.

Brain Smith on How to Improve your Portraits

Photographer of celebrities, Brian Smith, goes through some tips on how to improve your portraiture. The first instalment of Brian’s advice focuses primarily on lighting.

Brian Smith boasts some excellent portraiture and a lot of his work is of very recognisable faces. I urge you to look at his portrait of Richard Branson in particular!

Brian Smith’s Portfolio

A Timelapse of a Newborn Shoot

So much of great portraiture is born out of war and misery that it’s about time I featured something a bit different. New born photography is something that – quite frankly – scares me. Thankfully (for the human race as much as for portraiture’s sake), not everyone is as concerned about accidentally breaking a newborn as I am.

Brisbane based photographer of newborns Kelly Brown recently uploaded a timelapse of her newborn shoot, from preparation, through shooting and editing, all the way to final prints. The resulting image is superb and as much as I find my allegiance within portraiture to be more adults than infants, I am always interested in seeing the creative and technical processes photographers undertake with their work.

Kelly Brown (Little Pieces Photography) Portfolio

Miss Aniela’s Fantasy Fashion Shoot for Nikon

Fine art fashion photography is one subsection I would most like to be associated. It has become increasingly popular over the last few years with the likes of Brooke Shaden, Emily Soto and in this case, Miss Aniela.

This video is a short promotional piece for Nikon’s new D810. I’m not a Nikon guy, but the behind the scenes footage of Miss Aniela’s fantasy fashion shoot is certainly of interest to me. The set for this shoot is just about as elaborate as photography sets get, with the scene’s motif being a mermaid fantasy. Make sure you check out the links below for more of Miss Aniela’s work and/or information on the D810.

Miss Aniela’s High Fashion Composite Video

Miss Aniela’s Portfolio

Nikon D810 Review


Why this is the Photographer’s #1 Pet Peeve

Richard Avedon now has an App

A lot of photographers make apps; they are usually tools for other photographers to use. However, artisan photographer Richard Avedon’s app is more like a downloadable portfolio. Such a thing would be a short-lived affair for most artists, but as James Martin the executive director of the Richard Avedon Foundation points out, there are over 500,000 negatives of Avedon’s work.

As it stands, the app is already far and beyond the ordinary book or printed portfolio in terms of volume; it boasts over 1,000 images already and the Richard Avedon Foundation will be adding more in the future. Unfortunately the app is only available for Apple drones and not the Android hipsters, but if you have an iPad, this free app has to be worth a browse.

You can see the app on the App Store by clicking here.

You can view a documentary on Richard Avedon by clicking here.

Erik Almas Discusses his Camera Equipment

One of my favourite commercial and advertising photographers of late is without question Erik Almas. I have featured him before and if you haven’t browsed his work before, it’s definitely worth doing (by clicking here). Creates engaging images, but what has always stood out for me about Erik’s work is the sheer quality of his final images. They are for all intents and purposes, flawless; the post-processing is stunning.

In this video, Erik goes through the equipment and software he uses for his shoots to indulge of us with gear envy and those who (mistakenly) believe that the newest glass will improve their image quality tenfold.

How Subtle Difference in Expression can Affect your Portraits

A Guide to the Clone Stamp

The art of any style of portrait editing hinges on the editor’s proficiency with the clone stamp tool in Photoshop. Whether you are looking to produce a high quality and clean headshot or an elaborate fine art composition, the clone stamp is invariably your best friend.

For simple spot removal I will often use the patch tool, but the patch tool’s weakness is its reliance on Photoshop making the decisions over what the replacement area ought to look like. With the clone tool, however, you control exactly what the replacement area looks like. This allows you to carefully sample more complex pieces of the (or any other) image and create what wasn’t there for a cleaner and more professional looking image.

The above video is an excellent resource for how the clone stamp tool can be used and yet another plug for Phlearn!

Full BTS of a Band Photoshoot

I like behind the scenes videos as most photographers work differently and interact with the subject(s) differently. I post a number of BTS videos as I find they are among the most useful sources of information for both new and more experienced photographers. The only criticism I have is that they are often very arty and brief. This might be due to the photographer being a little cagey about their trade secrets or because a videographer has been employed to do the BTS shooting and wants to showcase his or her creative flare.

This couldn’t be further from the truth with music photographer Adam Elmakias’s BTS video. Adam walks you through every single stage and even adds commentary over the top when the sound isn’t useful enough. Photography of musicians and bands can be difficult as you are working with other creative people who will invariably have a strong conception of what they are looking for. Adam shows no signs of that troubling him and therefore is a great place to learn about band photography.

Make sure you check out the rest of Adam’s Youtube channel.